VIDEOFIED® is a completely wireless motion activated camera system that provides our monitoring center with an actual video of an intrusion. The video verifies that the alarm is an actual crime-in-progress and not a costly false alarm. With law enforcement increasingly pressured by budget cuts, video verified alarms help police capture more intruders, providing better protection. A sophisticated motion sensor combined with a night vision camera and illuminators, the MotionViewer™, detects and captures the intrusion on video. Our monitoring personnel then see a 10 second video clip of the actual intrusion. More than an alarm, VIDEOFIED® is a true security system combining detection and video to give greater protection to your home or business.

VIDEOFIED® is NOT a surveillance system. It separates security from surveillance to protect your privacy. If you are looking for a nanny-cam, buy something else. With VIDEOFIED®, no one can “look in” remotely unless the camera has been activated by the alarm system. Video alarms are only sent when the alarm panel calls our monitoring station during an intrusion, downloading images from the MotionViewer™. Since MotionViewer™ only record alarms, the three small batteries on the indoor motion viewer can operate up to four years. No wires means no peeking. Outdoor MotionViewers™ have a battery life of up to 2 years, are weatherproof and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 140°F.

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FAQs about Videofied:
Why Videofied®?
Videofied® is a Video Alarm System. Unlike traditional alarm sensors, Videofied MotionViewers™ take a lO-second video clip every time the built-in PIR trips for verification and Priority Response from the police.

Why is the video so basic? Can it be adjusted?
The video specs are fixed and the file size is kept small intentionally to ensure FASTEST possible transmission to central station. Videofied® is designed to VERIFY, not identify.

Why not just get a high-resolution camera system?
Traditional high-resolution camera systems are HISTORICAL video tools, used for post-event follow up and forensic details. Videofied® is an IMMEDIATE video tool, allowing for reaction while the crime is still in progress. Don't allow a trespasser to vandalize or steal all night!

Where can I put a Videofied® system?
Because the entire system is wireless and capable of running on batteries, it can be installed anywhere there is GSM cell signal!

Can the Videofied® system be self-monitored?
No. Videofied® panels always transmit to a professionally staffed 24-hour monitoring center to provide customers with full-time security and peace of mind. Customers are notified ONL Y when human activity has been confirmed and not on non-emergency events ... no monkeying around!

Can I look in on the MotionViewers™?
Videofied MotionViewers™ are designed to protect clients' privacy and therefore do not allow remote look-in capabilities. The MotionViewer™ is always looking in for the customer.

Do I need lighting? How far can the illuminators reach?
MotionViewers™ have BUILT-IN infrared illuminators.
Outdoor= 30 feet, Indoor= 15 feet

Do the Motion Viewers™ pre-record?

No. Because the MotionViewer™ is a proprietary ALL-IN-ONE component, camera reaction time to a PIR trip is nearly instantaneous (1/10th see).

Does inclement weather affect the system?

No. Through the advanced algorithmic technology in the PIR, the MotionViewer™ does not trip on rain, snow or lightning except in extreme cases.

What if someone grabs the MotionViewer™?
If you are doing an install where theft may be a major concern, remember you can install devices very subtly since they do not need to be wired or powered. Even if someone does approach an armed Motion Viewer™, the event will be captured and transmitted to the panel...which may be hundreds of feet away!

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